Condolences for Regina McClure

Regina has been missed since her passing.
I found Regina to be , straight forward. I understand that personality, which is often misunderstood...
I also found Regina to be kind and helpful and I appreciated her sense of humor.
I regret that I was unaware of the Memorial Service scheduled for Saturday 06/10/2017 at an earlier date as I was just made aware of the service on 06/08/2017 and already had prior engagements to attend to.

Every human leaves a hole in the world when they pass on.This hole can not be filled by any other human as each of us are as unique as their circle of family and friends they touch, however some people leave a much larger hole than others, Regina left a large hole in
her the world at her passing.
I find it hard to believe that Regina is resting, I am certain God has found plenty of things for her to do with her talent, but I am certain that she is at peace.

My prayers are for her family and friends that they may have found peace with their loss.

Added: June 9, 2017
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Hi Sheila,
My prayers are with you and your family. Big hugs to you xo I am so sorry for your loss, I loved your Mom.

Added: December 22, 2016
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